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Restoration and Repairs

While Parts & Pieces are a nice addition, many Keris Pusaka  require a periodic "refit" or "touch-up". For these purposes we offer everything your Keris could need, all done by hand for a custom fit. 


Hulu’s or Ukirans

Our  Hulu’s or Ukirans are hand carved and custom fitted to each keris to ensure a tight and secure fit. Just supply the details of tang length and diameter  in cm's and we will do the rest. Your choice of woods, please enquire or let us know when ordering. Other timber pieces can be custom made upon request.

Wrangka or hilt dosen't fit snug enough??We will fit your pre-existing clothes to your blade. You must supply your Keris for this service.Please note this is not a re-fit of a wrangka.


Need a New Wrangka or a re-fit? old one broken or chipped or a change of style?We will remake and fit your keris to a new wrangka. We will need your old wrangka and blade to guarantee an exact fit. We will try to match as much as possible your old clothes or please specify if different timber or wrangka style is required.


Have a broken hilt? Need it to be replaced? We will make you a new hilt to match the old one.





Not sure how old your Keris is or how much it's worth?? Send us your sword and we can appraise it for you. We supply you with all the detailed information you should ever need on the various characteristics and features of your particular blade!! Specifics on everything from the blade to the fittings


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