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Photo Courtesy:History of Java, TS Raffles


Payment and Conditions

*Payment by Pay Pal,Western Union Money Transfer or Direct Bank Accout Deposit...See below for details


·  Shipping & Handling charges will apply. Charges are based on customer location and amount shipped. Insurance charges apply as well

 (all items will be insured).


·  *Please note that PAYMENT must be made BEFORE shipping.

Customers have 10 business days to send payments or orders will be

 cancelled. All work left over 90 days beyond notification of completion

 will become property of Pamugarangallery for services rendered.


·  Payments may be made in the form of Pay Pal,

Western Union Money Transfer or Direct Bank Accout deposit


Orders will be held until payments have cleared.

· PayPal, use your credit card or bank account to make instant payment. When makeing a payment , please use the following email address:


·  Western Union Money Wires are acceptable. Please contact for details.


·  Direct Bank Account Transfers must paid and cleared before

products and services are provided. if you wish to make payment by Direct Bank Transfer details of account will provided on request.     



*= conditions and additional costs may apply. Please contact for details.