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Photo Courtesy:History of Java, TS Raffles


 Bambang Gallery

We are pleased to offer a gallery selection of our 'Feature Artist' works. Bambang is a commission artist so please send an email with details regarding your requests. We will also offer other works from Bambang which are for sale from time to time.

Please contact us for more information.

Title: Gadis Sumatra

Code: (B001)

Description:Portrait of a Sumatran Girl, period C19th

Pamugaran Gallery Collection

Title:Gadis Dayak #1

Code: (B002)

Description:Period  Dayak girl, early C20th

Pamugaran Gallery Collection


Title: Dayak girl praying

Code: (B003)

Description:Dayak girl in Meditative Trance

Pamugaran Gallery collection

Title: Dayak girl playing bamboo flute

Code: (B004)

Description: Dayak girl C20th playing a bamboo flute (Suling) in a Dayak longhouse

Pamugaran Gallery Collection