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 Agus Gecko Gallery 

We are pleased to offer a gallery selection of our 'Artist-in Residence' works. Agus is a commission artist so please send an email with details regarding your requests. We will also offer other works from Agus which are for sale from time to time (please see below).

Please contact us for more information.

Title: Ying Yang Fantasy

Code: AG001


DESCRIPTION: Wall mozaic at 'Casa Bela', Pamugaran Gallery, West Java.

Medium: Ceramic tile, grey and black cement.

Size:3.0mtr x 2.5mtr

Pamugaran gallery collection

Title: Obsession Keris

Code: AG002

DESCRIRTION: The 'Mystic' Keris of Indonesia in Cosmic flight.

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: 2.0 mtr x 1.20mtr

Pamugaran Gallery Collection

Title: Dulang

Code: AG003

DESCRIPTION: Old traditional Indonesian  rice bowl 'Dulang' with mixed media. This is an example. All pieces are one of a kind and size and design varies according to the style of the Dulangs which are typically 50-80yrs old

Media: Ceramic tiles, black cement and latex glue on wood.

Size: 60-80cm diameter

Price: USD$450.00

Title: Kampung #1

Code: AG004

DESCRIPTION: This is part of a seriies entitled 'Kampung' or village. The painting depicts some aspects of village life including its cultural 'fabric'. The colours depict the agrarian existance for rice farming, the river and people walking along tracks.

Medium: Oil on canvas,mixed media: bamboo,cork,rattan, coconut husk, latex glue and cotton thread.

Size: 1.0mtr x 1.0mtr


Pamugaran Gallery Collection