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Photo Courtesy:History of Java, TS Raffles


About Us

We here at the Pamugaran Gallery have dedicated our time and patience to provide a range of products and services for the Keris and Ethnographic weapons collector. 

Our dedicated team of Javanese craftsman and woman are committed to ensure your Pusaka items are given the attention to detail that they deserve.


Pamugaran Gallery: Indonesian Heritage Collection

Custom Made and 100% recycled ethnographic edged weapons from the Indonesian Archipelago.

The Pamugaran Gallery is proud to announce our new “Heritage Collection” of Indonesian edged weapons. These collector pieces are completely hand made by skilled craftsman to capture the spirit of Indonesia’s culturally rich archipelago.

The recycling of scrap metal and other materials provides a unique basis for the continued preservation of the cultural ‘adat’ of the various ethnic regions.

The process of design, material selection and manufacture nominally takes up to a period of 3 months. Our quality control is seen as a major factor in the manufacture of our products. Each knife and cultural heritage piece is viewed as one of our own personal collection so that the quality and ‘feel’ remains on a personal level.

In the interest of our clients, Pamugaran Gallery's customer care guarantee for all workmanship up to 90 days after return to the customer..'no questions asked' .

We have a genuine commitment to the preservation and promotion of Indonesian/Malay Archipelago Heritage items.

Located in West Java, Pamugaran Gallery is your 'one-stop' rejuvenation centre for all your Keris and Ethnographic weapon needs.

Our  timbers, materials and products have been carefully selected through a unique quality assessment process. If you have any questions relating to these products, or if you require a custom made item please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always happy to provide a solution for your needs.