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Keris Links

Here is a list of our favorite links about Keris. Adapted from Paul's Keris Page, we hope this list helps you in locating reference material or answers some of your questions. If you have suggestions about other sites to include, contact us



This long term site, set up by Paul was my first learning experience for keris. Paul is based in Singapore and this site has been a link and source for many other pages including mine.


This site is about the Jogjakarta-Solo-Semarang cultural triangle.It offers an interesting introduction into Javanese culture.

Go to the main index. See the document on Suro1 which discusses the cleaning of pusaka keris. Also see the new page on Empu Jeno. Empu Jeno is a keris maker who comes from a family of Empuwho traces its lineage back to the Majapahit period.


This offers a Javanese perspective on the keris. it offers an insight into the dating system for Javanese keris ie: the era and periods keris are associated with.

 Tosan Aji


This is the home page of the Tosan Aji Exhibition held in Jakarta in September 1996. The site is down but there is a mirror sitein Ton Van Reen's site (see below).It feature keris from dealers and private collections. A number of the keris were on sale.

The page is in Bahasa Indonesia and its articles focus onthe mystical and spiritual aspect of the keris.


This site, set up by an enthusiast in Holland, is a compilation of knownkeris sites on the web; a one-stop convenience store for keris information.